Sister of Soul / Jack Black Burger

2 Stars

Getting the flavour right in a burger is probably the most important thing. But I’m a big believer in getting the texture right too. What does it feel like when you take that first bite? If the patty – or central ingredient of the burger – is soft and mushy, then you might have a problem. But make sure the bun is toasted or add some crispy ingredients to add crunch and you can restore the balance. Unfortunately the burger I had today had none of that.

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Grill’d / Field of Dreams

When Grill’d first appeared a few years ago I was in heaven. Here was a main-street burger chain that had not one but three vegetarian burgers on the menu. So I sampled them all, accompanied by their tasty herbed chips… Until a helpful staff member informed me that the chips were in fact not vegetarian – having been pre-cooked in beef fat. That’s just cruel to vegetarians and cows. And you can’t have a burger without chips – so I stopped going to Grill’d. But today I decided to revisit.

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