Sister of Soul / Jack Black Burger

2 Stars

Getting the flavour right in a burger is probably the most important thing. But I’m a big believer in getting the texture right too. What does it feel like when you take that first bite? If the patty – or central ingredient of the burger – is soft and mushy, then you might have a problem. But make sure the bun is toasted or add some crispy ingredients to add crunch and you can restore the balance. Unfortunately the burger I had today had none of that.

Sister of Soul is a vegetarian restaurant in St Kilda. I’ve been there a number of times and love their food, but I have never tried a burger. They have two on offer; one vegetarian and the other one vegan. I decided to go with the vegan choice and ordered the Jack Black Burger. It’s made with slow-cooked jackfruit, BBQ sauce, coleslaw and picked gherkins, and it’s served with sweet potato chips.

The flavour was good. Intense even. But the texture of the burger was all mush. The jackfruit was soft, probably necessarily so, but the bun was just as mushy. If the coleslaw had crunch it was over-ridden by the BBQ sauce in the jackfruit. And there was no crispyness to be found in the sweet potato chips either. They were soft and limp. It was all a bit of a disappointment.

But I don’t want to put people off going to Sister of Soul. My hat goes off to any restaurant that focuses on vegetarian food, and everything I’ve had there – up until today – has been perfect.

Burger and chips: $18.50 / vegan
Location: 73 Acland Street, St Kilda, VIC

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