Grill’d / Field of Dreams

When Grill’d first appeared a few years ago I was in heaven. Here was a main-street burger chain that had not one but three vegetarian burgers on the menu. So I sampled them all, accompanied by their tasty herbed chips… Until a helpful staff member informed me that the chips were in fact not vegetarian – having been pre-cooked in beef fat. That’s just cruel to vegetarians and cows. And you can’t have a burger without chips – so I stopped going to Grill’d. But today I decided to revisit.

I assumed I’d be ordering a burger without chips but to my surprise the menu has been updated and says that all their chips are vegan and gluten free. I ordered the Field of Dreams – a mushroom burger with roasted capsicum, pesto, cheese and lettuce. And it’s a pretty good burger, there’s lots of nice flavours going on. Maybe too many? I’d probably skip the roasted capsicum – or replace with fresh capsicum for more crunch.

That’s actually what this burger is missing – a bit of crunch. It’s a big beast – and by the time you’re nearing the end this mushroom burger is getting a bit mushy. (pardon the pun.)

But the chips? Still great – especially now that they are vegan.

Burger: $11.50 / vegetarian
Chips: Regular Size / $4.80 / vegan
Location: 83 Acland Street, St Kilda, VIC

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