Purple Peanuts / Gammodoki Tofu Burger

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Purple Peanuts is a busy Japanese cafe at the Southern Cross end of Collins Street. I’ve just ordered the Gammodoki Tofu Burger but when it arrives I’m a bit taken back – it doesn’t look like a burger but more like something you’d order in a sandwich shop. But never mind all that. One bite and I’m in burger heaven.

In the burger’s centre is a Gammodoki, a Japanese fritter made out of tofu and finely chopped vegetables. This one has beans, carrot, sesame, ginger, oats and sake. Then there’s some mixed lettuce and teriyaki sauce. All surrounded by turkish bread. In an oblong shape – which is what makes it look like something you’d order in a sandwich shop. Aren’t burgers meant to be round? But it tastes beautiful. The flavours are all interesting and nothing fights with anything else. Not too big, not too small, and because of it’s non-traditional burger shape it stays structurally sound right up until the last delicious bite.

Burger: $10.90 / vegetarian
Location: 620 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC
Website: None

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