Hungry Jacks / Veggie Whopper (Without Cheese)

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When I first went vegetarian, over 20 years ago, there weren’t many burger options around. Or maybe I just lived in the wrong suburb. I ate Veggie Whoppers at Hungry Jacks quite a bit, until one day I saw a cryptic sign next to the Veggie Whopper and chips meal deal: Please note, one or more of these items are not vegetarian. Odd, I thought. Upon enquiry I was told the burger had animal rennet in the cheese, and the chips were pre-cooked in beef fat. So close, and yet so far. What a pity that something that was ostensibly vegetarian was in fact not.

So I thought I’d see what the situation was now, and send an email to Hungry Jacks. Within minutes (and on a weekend too) I got a response saying that the Veggie Whopper without cheese was vegetarian, and that their new chips recipe were also vegetarian. Woo hoo!

Off to Hungry Jacks I went. When the burger arrived I took it to the food court table (glamorous, I know) and set about taking a photo of it. It’s usually at this point that I just want to get the photo opportunity over with and sink my teeth into the burger – but in this case there was no such excitement. It just didn’t look very appetising. And it didn’t get better upon tasting.

A slice of cheese would have helped – there’s so many animal rennet free cheeses around these days it’s a pity to have to skip it. The bun was toasted on the inside, but very soft and mushy. The lettuce was limp. The veggie patty was pretty tasteless. The best that could be said about the burger was that it was cheap. The chips were good though. Nothing extraordinary, but tasty enough.

I’m sorry Hungry Jacks, I hate being negative, but this was really not a good experience.

Burger: $6.30 / vegetarian
Chips: Small / $2.40 / vegetarian
Location: Southland Shopping Centre, Cheltenham, VIC

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