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I love mushrooms. I really love mushrooms. Faced with the choice of a mushroom burger or a chickpea patty burger I will always go with the mushroom. Not that I’ve got anything against chickpeas – it’s just that when they are mashed into a patty I am usually less than excited and I find the overall flavour lacking.

So here I am in 8-Bit, a funky burger joint in Footscray. I have two choices on the menu – the 1-Up Mushroom Burger or the Zelda, featuring a chickpea patty. I must diversify, I tell myself, and even though it costs $3.50 more than the mushroom burger I decide on the Zelda.

And boy, I’m glad I did. This is one of the nicest burgers I’ve tasted. Aside from the chickpea patty (which is also made from corn and quinoa) there’s American cheese, beetroot relish, haloumi, avocado, lettuce and 8-Bit’s own mayo. The combination is just right and the flavours all sing. I’m trying to put my finger on why I like this burger so much and I realise it’s the American cheese, which is melted to gooey perfection over the patty.

The chips are just right too. They are beer-battered, and not too salty. The serve is not too big either – I don’t like it when I’m overwhelmed with chips. Wasting food makes me feel guilty.

But what about that chickpea patty? I pick out a bit to sample on it’s own. It’s good, but doesn’t rock my socks. Maybe that’s just personal preference. It’s everything else in this burger that makes it a star.

Postscript: After eating the burger and writing the review I realised there was nothing on 8 Bit’s menu saying whether the Zelda was vegetarian. So I emailed 8-Bit and they informed me that they use cheese with animal rennet. They do however have vegan cheese and can make the Zelda a vegan burger, if you wish.

Burger: $13.50 / not totally vegetarian (cheese has animal rennet)
Chips: Small / $3.50 / vegetarian
Location: 8 Droop Street, Footscray, VIC
Website: www.eat8bit.com.au

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