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I wonder if there’s some secret formula, like Einstein’s theory of relativity, that governs the perfect construction of a burger so that it doesn’t end up falling apart in a mess before the last bite. Something that describes the diameter of the patty in relation to the diameter of the bun multiplied by the square root of the height of the fillings. Or something like that.

If there is such a theory then some burgers just don’t follow it. One bite and juices and sauces are running down your arms and your burger is threatening to deconstruct. I think there’s a particular demographic that actually like this (meat-eating blokes?) and maybe they find some atavistic joy in this experience. But not me.

And that’s one of the reasons I liked Burger Project’s Magic Mushroom burger so much. It held together to the end. The ingredients were matched perfectly so that there was no soggy finish. The centrepiece was a mushroom that was crumbed, which helped give this burger some crunch, along with the crisp lettuce. Also present were tomato, pickles, cheese, onion and “secret” sauce. The flavours worked very well. The bun was soft and fresh, but sturdy enough to keep the whole thing together.

I also ordered a small chips with Sichuan pepper salt and a mayonnaise dipping sauce. The Sichuan flavour was tasty and something I haven’t experienced on a chip before, but there was way too much salt in the seasoning. And I’m not a salt nazi – I use lashings of salt in my home cooking even though I know it’s not good for me, so if I’m finding it too much then it must be a lot.

But putting the chips aside (which I did) the Magic Mushroom burger was a tasty and delicious example of well-constructed goodness.

Burger: $11.90 / vegetarian
Chips: Small / $3.90 / vegetarian
Location: Chadstone Shopping Centre, East Malvern, VIC
Website: www.burgerproject.com

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