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When I stepped into Major Tom’s A Burger Junkie I was greeted by a choice of 4 vastly different vegetarian burgers. Not a bad effort for a carnivorous burger joint. And the ubiquitous (and often boring) veggie patty is not an option. No, someone adventurous has come up wth this menu.

I chose Life On Mars. And this is probably a good time to point out that this is a David Bowie themed burger restaurant – in case that wasn’t already obvious. All the burgers are named after David Bowie songs, David Bowie posters are on the walls and David Bowie songs are playing over the speakers.

The signature element of the Life on Mars burger is panko crumbed feta, and I’m a sucker for anything panko crumbed. On top of that there’s a slice of grilled watermelon, so this is no ordinary vegetarian burger. And there’s also tomato, lettuce, onion, tzatziki and jalapeño relish. One bite and the burger virtually self-destructs, but what do I expect from a burger made from gooey melted feta and slippery watermelon? The flavours are great – the watermelon and feta compliment each other perfectly and the panko provides the crunch. My only criticism is the saltiness of the feta. I know it’s naturally a salty cheese, but this seems saltier than normal.

The chips are good and old school, and come with tomato sauce. But again, they are a little bit too salty.

But salt issues aside, I really loved this burger. And I love that fact that Major Tom is being brave with it’s menu and not just presenting the standard choices. Hmmm… did I see a macaroni cheese burger on the menu? I’ll be coming back!

Burger: $14.00 / vegetarian
Chips: Small / $4.00 / vegetarian
Location: 165 Waverley Road, East Malvern, VIC

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